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ePress: Catflow
ePress: Catflow

CatFlow takes care of your business. It allows:

  • to publish Apps for any kind of tablet and smartphone ( iOS and Android )
  • to design a responsive layout and edit it anytime
  • to be integrated with the most common database and web services
  • to instantaneously submit updates in real-time
  • to create content suitable for multichannel destinations as Apps but also for Web and Print oriented pubblications (newsletter, web sites, brochure, catalogue)

CatFlow is the easiest way to publish your content for both web and print oriented publications


ePress: Elearnpath
ePress: Elearnpath

eLearnPath is the dreamt solution for online courses:

  • innovative interface accessible via desktop and mobile devices
  • autonomous management for courses publication
  • courses in video, PDF and HTML formats
  • easy customizable graphics
  • a Cloud powered platform

The e-learning solution


ePress: Snapteam
ePress: Snapteam

SnapTeam is the best way to connect working teams with human resources department:

  • Project managers are allowed to plan working activities and to assign tasks to employees, to supervise estimation of revenues and expenses
  • Employees are allowed to report leaves, to send requests for days off, to fill timesheet with project activities
  • Human Resources departement is allowed to oversee any insert

SnapTeam is a very easy tool both to insert information and to query it

ePress: Servizi Cloud


ePress: Servizi Cloud

Cloud services are provided with the highest SLA (Service Level Agreement) in two different solutions:

  • On-Site: on customer site and it is accessed through safe connections as VPN
  • Hosted: in ePress Server Farm and monitored by Service Desk operating all day and all the week long

ePress: Consulenza IT


ePress: Consulenza IT

It's all about the art of staying connected. Professional Services staff has been committed to building strong relationships with existing customer and ePress is proud of it. Employees engagement is a priority, as your business is our business

ePress: Siti Web e App


ePress: Siti Web e App

By choosing ePress you gain the assurance of getting the best in terms of technology's quality, creativity, and price both for your Web sites and apps

  • Web sites and Apps development and delivery
  • Seo Services
  • ePress Know-How


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