ePress: CatFlow
ePress: vantaggi di CatFlow

CatFlow is highly configurable and suitable for any business and allows:

  • to publish Apps for any kind of tablet and smartphone ( iOS and Android )
  • to design a responsive layout and edit it anytime
  • to be integrated with the most common database and system according to the latest specifications
  • to instantaneously get updates in real-time
  • especially to create content suitable for multichannel destinations as Apps but also for Web and Print oriented pubblications (newsletter, web sites, brochure, catalogue)

ePress: perché scegliere CatFlow

Multichannel delivery

Publish content to create app, web sites and printable brochure

Greater integration

Interface CatFlow with a simple Excel™ file or with the most popular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer relationship management)

Easy to use

Both design and marketing departments could individually get their scores with CatFlow


Publish sale-oriented content for both print and web destinations in a few clicks


Improvement of productivity with cost reduction


Any layout could be customized according to the latest HTML and CSS standard specifications

CatFlow technology is the easiest way of publishing for both printed and web oriented destinations in a few clicks

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