The early years: innovation and quality

ePress embraces an innovative culture since it was established in 1998 in market driven by Publishing and Media industry
Every ePress employee has a quality assurance role, whether developing software or providing services and support. It's all about the art of staying connected. Professional Services staff has been committed to build strong relationships with existing customer and ePress is proud of it.
Employees engagement is a priority, as your business is our business!


ePress contributed to support Méthode's development through EidosMedia partnership since 1999: Méthode, a digital publishing platform, has been adopted by customers all over the world

Technological shift

ePress and Aleph Consulting have established PayTipper in 2010.
PayTipper is one of the first Payment Institute authorized by The Bank of Italy: the delivery of PayBuddy platform, where financial turnover (>5M/year) are managed, is the crowning achievement of the partnership over the past and future years.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are provided by ePress with the highest SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Professional Services

ePress Professional Services count more than 100 advisory and trustworthy members who provide new ideas, without being asked, to make your business become greater in an ever-changing market.

Web sites and Apps

ePress has joined together graphic designers and web developers. Every designer and developer in ePress has a basic understanding and knowledge of trends in design and development

Have a look at CatFlow the new technology to manage and delivery Apps suitable for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) but also to publish print oriented publications in a few clicks

Service Desk is operating all day and all the week long. Monitoring and supporting operating hours can be customized to your company needs. Whenever you report a request to the Desk, where everyone knows you and makes you welcome, the issue is going to be fixed as soon as possible

La nostra sede

ePress S.p.A.

Via Benigno Crespi, 57 - 20159 Milano, Italy
Tel: +39 0230174501 - Fax: +39 0230174502

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