SnapTeam is the best way to connect working teams with human resources department:

  • Project managers are allowed to plan working activities and to assign tasks to employees, to supervise estimation of revenues and expenses
  • Employees are allowed to report leaves, to send requests for days off, to fill timesheet with project activities
  • Human Resources departement is allowed to oversee any insert

SnapTeam ensures:

  • to safely protect stored customer data
  • to responds quickly and accurately with multiple tenants
  • to comply with secure authentication and authorization of every tenant

SnapTeam is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) with no installation process at a very interesting price

It features:

  • Security of data access and infrastructure
  • Scaling-out of storage volumes
  • Reliability of quickly handling any downtime scenario
  • Performance of responding times
  • Configurability to suit more to the customers internal culture
  • Flexibility to extend the service with more features and functionalities
  • Usability to implement a good user interface and interaction compliances
  • Interoperability of integration with other existing systems
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